We are the original manufacturer of the Electropedic Adjustable Bed Since 1964.  For 52 years we have made our motto "Your Comfort Is Everything!"  We are now Electric Homecare Specialists and are authorized dealers of over 50 different electric homecare manufacturers.  What does our experience mean to you . . . the RIGHT product.  Today, we are the authorized dealer and service center for all the stair lift manufacturers and models we sell, service and install:  Acorn 130 & 180, Bruno Elan and Elite, Harmar, Handicare, Helix and Precision.

For as long as you own your Electropedic Product, after the original manufacturer's part warranty expires, Electropedic will either charge you our cost or 1/2 the retail price for the part.  The limited lifetime warranty includes stair lift batteries and the batteries for the wireless remote controls too.  We understand that the most important factor in the purchase of a stairlift is RELIABILITY, and we are at your command to usually resolve any problem within 24 hours of your call (and usually the same day).  Our Stairlift Installers and Service Personnel are Factory Trained and Certified.  Most of our Stairlift Salespeople are fully trained and experienced in all service and installation questions.  PLEASE CALL (800)354-5040
We specialize in indoor rail stair lifts manufacturered by Acorn and Bruno.
The Acorn 130 residential home stairlift is the World's Best Selling Stair Lift.
We are California's largest independent retailer of the Acorn 130.
The Bruno Elan SRE3000 and the Bruno Elite SRE2010 are
America's best-built stairlift.  Usually we can begin installation the very next day.
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We are curved stairlift specialists.  We are authorized dealers of the Bruno CRE-2110 curved indoor and outdoor stairchairs; and the Acorn 180 curve stairchair; and the Handicare curved rail stairlift.  The Acorn can be installed in less than a week.  The Bruno custom curved stairchairs usually can be installed within 3 to 5 weeks of your order.  We also sell,install and service the Handicare Curved Stair Chair, the Precision Hawlee Curved Stairchair and the Harmar Helix curved Stairchair.
If you are in the market for an outside, exterior outdoor stair chair, we are authorized dealers and installers of the Acorn 130 and Bruno Elite SRE-2010 Outdoor stair chair.  We also sell the Bruno Outdoor custom curved CRE-2110 chairlift.
Many stair lift options are available including hinged rail, power hinged rail, power swivel seat, power outlet, larger seat, different colors, etc.  Our motto since 1964 has been Your Comfort Is Everything! and we fully understand to first find all the factors to your 100% Satisfaction.   
Before you buy a stairlift, compare price, quality, guarantee and service.  We have been selling and installating Stair Lifts since 1985.  We understand that selling is simply finding the factors to your 100% satisfaction.  we only do one thing and it is for you.
  USED 1/2 OFF
Used StairLifts are 1/2 OFF the Regular Price.  We almost always will have Used Acorn's straight indoor and outood stairlift models in stock; including the home residential indoor Bruno Elan SRE3000 and the inside out outside Bruno Elite SRE2010 home and exterior stairchairs.  We also have many curved stairlift carriages by Bruno and Acorn that we can sell y at 1/2 OFF the regular price, although you will have to buy new curved rail to go with the inepensive affordable cheap curved stairlift model.  PLEASE CALL 800.354.5040.  All Used Units are completely Certified and come with our Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty.
We can usually give you a price over the telephone in a couple of minutes.  We are going to have to ask you whether you are in the market for a straight rail or curved rail; indoor or outdoor stairchair; left side or right side, and a new or used unit.
Today almost 25% of our business is built upon referrals and repeat business.  We have never lost sight of the fact that our success if built upon your 100% Satisfaction, which is our first and foremost concern.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB.    Yelp   Yahoo  Facebook  YouTube  Google Plus  We know if you are a satisfied customer, you will tell all your friends and family.  We understand the most important factors in a purchase is addressing all your needs and wants.  We only do one thing and it is for you! 
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New & Used StairLifts
Bruno, Acorn, Harmar, Hawle, Handicare & More
Buy, Sell & Trade
Rent, Own & Finance

Acorn 180 Curve

Bruno Curve Indoor and Outdoor

Bruno Elan Indoor

Bruno Elite Indoor and Outdoor


The Acorn 180 Stairlift


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What Does 52 Years of Experience Mean to you?

The RIGHT Stair Lift.

The most important consideration when you
buy a Stair Lift is RELIABILITY.

The Stair Lifts we sell and install are the highest quality
New & Used Stair Lifts on the market.
Backed by both the Manufacturer's Warranty
our Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty. 


Most installs begin within 24 hours of your call.

Our volume gets us factory discounts other's can't match.

jose san francisco stairlifts elan bruno acorn oakland ca

Ask about our Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty
(includes batteries)
New & Used

Buy, Sell & Trade
Rent, Own & Finance


acorn 130 residential san francisco ca home indoor straight rail Acorn 130 Indoor Stair Lifts
The World's Best Selling
Stair Lift . . . Every 9 minutes
an Acorn 130 is being installed.
Please call for the WORLD'S
LOWEST PRICE 800-354-5040

The Acorn Outdoor StairChair 
Acorn 130 Outdoor StairChair
Please call for Best Price,
Quality, Guarantee &
Service (800)354-5040.
We can usually give you a price
in less than 5 minutes.
san francisco outdoor stairlift exterior acorn 130 stair chair outside

The Acorn Curved StairChair- Installed in LESS than a week! 
san francisco stairchair curved acorn 180 stairlifts Acorn 180 Curve StairChair
The Acorn 180 Curved
Stair Lift can usually
be installed within 5 days
of today!

The Bruno Elan - Made in the USA 
Bruno Elan  Indoor StairLifts
Made in the USA.
Affordable. Compact.
Next Day Installation
Call 800-354-5040
san francisco bruno elan sre3000 stair lifts

The Top-of-the-Line Bruno Elite 
san francisco chairlift Bruno Elite Indoor ChairLift
The Top-of-the-Line
Bruno Elite SRE2010
Slim-Line Design.
400 lb. Weight Cap.
Bruno Elite Outdoor
Made-in-the USA,
Outdoor StairLift
san francisco ca chairlift
stairlift san francisco curved cre2110 Bruno Curved Indoor StairLift
Curve Stair Lift
Bruno Curve Outdoor
Made in the USA,
Curved StairLift
san francisco bruno curved custom outdoor stair lift
HandiCare Curve
Belgium Sleek Design
Tight Corners
Narrow Stairways

Helix Curve
Made in the USA
Narrow Stairways
Tight Turns
Sleek Design
  Hawle Curved
Made in Germany
Sleek Design
Tight Corners

The Most Important Consideration when you buy a Stair Lift is
The Bruno Stair Lift Line is Made in the USA
and is one of the highest quality Stair Lift lines that we sell and service.

More About the LA StairLift Bruno Curved CRE2110

Electropedic Stair Lifts Electric stairway Staircase Stair Chair Seat Acorn Bruno Harmar are home residential straight indoor outoor exterior custom curve stairchairs

Please give us the chance to get you the RIGHT stair lift today.
Your 100% Satisfaction is our first and foremost goal.
Best Price, Quality, Guarantee & Service.

Please call Electropedic Beds at 800-354-5040
You'll Be Glad You Did!

Please preview the Stair Lift we installed for the Ellen Degeneres Show


The Acorn 130 that you see in this Video is our best selling Stairlift unit
Easy to Buy, Easy to Install, Easy to Use, Easy to Service,
and most important, very RELIABLE.
Overall, the Acorn 130 is our most recommended unit.
(and it does seem to go faster than in this video)



After just a couple of questions,

we can get you the price

( and install tomorrow, if you wish.)

  • LA StairLift: indoor or outdoor?

  • LA StairLift: straight or curved?

  • LA StairLift: approximately, how many steps?


Stair Lifts are affordable,
easy to buy, easy to install
and easy to use.


LA StairLift

Since 1964, we have made

"Your Comfort Is Everything!"

our only business.

And when you've been asking

the same kind of questions for 52 years,

you get pretty good at it.


A+ Rating BBB

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